May 28, 2023


September 11, 2001, was a day I will never forget. Everyone has a story and some more life altering than others. No matter your story, it was a day that as an American who loves my Country, realized that we are not only vulnerable, but when Americans are faced with adversity, we are also the strongest people I know.

This was a time in My life, Our history that with deep sorrow and anger, also came great strength and unity as a Community and as a Country and like a big sister to a sibling realized that nobody messes with my America! It was the first time I realized how much I really do Love and am PROUD to be an American!

I highly recommend visiting the 9/11 Memorial, even if you don’t remember or maybe were not born yet, it is a good reminder that when Americans are faced with adversity our Country does unite. Sadly forget again.. but that’s another story.

I didn’t go into the Memorial Museum– recommend getting tickets in advance.

My visit on 9/10/21 was very sobering as my memories poured into my thoughts and I am glad I went because it reminded me how much I love my grand ole flag and how we need to remember these moments as a Country and remember we are all in this together “United We Stand” #godblessamerica #neverforget911