May 28, 2023

Captain Paul’s Firehouse Dogs, Lawrenceville, NJ – well let’s just say if you haven’t been there, your missing out – this establishment is 1000% about America and its Military and First Responders and is decorated with patches and memorabilia that is #TrueAmerican and #AmericanHero  all bottled into the most charming and welcoming Restaurant you will ever patron!   A Family Owned Business since 2009- the Tweedly Family has supported their Miltary and First Responder community for years.

It’s not an obligation – its just what they do “FREELY” because they really do care for our  #Veterans, #FirstResponders and #USMilitary

Watch the Interview with Paul Tweedly retired #FireFighter.  Also meet Veteran Customers Roy,  who served in WW 2 and Phil, who served in the Korean War.   2016 Veterans Day they happened to be at Captain Paul’s and gave us a little bit of history.

Enjoy the Interview and Please Share This Interview to help promote a #SmallBusinessOwner and our #Veterans who served this great Country!  New Jersey Buzz Thanks all of our Military and First Responders for the Sacrafice you make EVERY DAY!  Godspeed and God Bless