May 28, 2023

The Days of Moonshiners and Bootleggers hiding and running from the law are left for the movies.    2010 Federal Government opened the opportunity to make moonshine legal and obviously by following the rules, obtaining proper permits and paying taxes locations are popping up all over the US.

This has opened up huge opportunity for Farmers and Moonshiners to expand their revenue opportunities!  There are always Pioneers in the begining of any new adventure and in this story.. the rest is history!

On our Woodstock adventure into Bethel, NY brought us on the path of meeting Stacey Cohen and if you saw her previous interview of “Woodstock People to Meet & Places To Explore episode. you will know what we mean about Entrepreneur or Pioneer both work when describing Stacey and her businesses. Being one of the first farm to distillery locations to open in the New York market – I say makes her a pioneer, never the less, The Catskills Distillery The Catskills Distillery and Dancing Cat Saloon and Stray Cat Saloon are on our Top MUST BE part of your visit List!

 Yes, she really does have Peace Vodka in a Peace Bottle and it’s tasty!