March 26, 2023

Meet Sasha from Hackensack, New Jersey, in the midst of the craziness she was just trying to Step up and help her Boss with an “important” assignment.  Only to find out $1,400 later that it wasn’t her Boss it was a fishing scam.  

A lot can be learned by watching her interview – it can happen to anyone.  

COVID-19 CURE UPDATES – there is no cure a of 4/14/20 and you cannot purchase tests online.  Please refer to this official website for information:

SCAM CHECK – The Government Will Not Ask You for Money to give you Money ever!!  Please use this website as a resource when you do not feel something is right or to good to be true!  Http://www.njhomelandsecurt

REPORT YOUR SCAMS – if you receive this information please report the predators to the Police Immediately!  It could help them catch them and also prevent other people from being taken advantage of.


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