May 28, 2023

Who would have thought that of all the drugs on the planet, Heroin would be the drug of choice and an epedemic in our communities like a cancer to our youth!  Well sadly, it’s true and this is a drug that is destroying families and killing our loved ones AND IT HAS TO STOP!

IT’S OK TO TALK ABOUT IT: I can remember 2 years ago nobody talked about it – who wants to admit that your child or friend is addicted to heroin?  Its the silent killer and we need to change that now!

HOW: Steinert High School Boardwalk Night on October 26, 2017 is a fun night to bring awareness to two organizations that are destroying our kids.  Addiction and Suicide.   

Please meet the organization instrumental in saving someone very near and dear to me – The City of Angels.  Hopefully if you or someone you know are in the same situation you will watch this video and realize that there IS hope and you are not alone.    Enjoy the Show