May 28, 2023

If you missed the 2019 #Selfie Hot Spot – Holland Ridge Farm Tulip Festival – Sorry there is always next year!   Millions of Tulips Bloomed this Spring Season and you didn’t have to go to Holland to enjoy the vibrant colors and festivities of a Tulip Festival.    

It all started three generations ago with the Dream to come to America and make a life for you and your family.  This Dutch American family, known as the Jansen’s have literally taken their roots and created the largest Tulip Business on the east coast and the only Tulip Festival. 

We interviewed Casey Jansen, 3rd generation farmer and not only did we enjoy his story, but his entrepreneurial spirit was what it takes to thrive in an industry that is hard work and no play.  Looks like he turned that around!  Enjoy The Show!

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