April 1, 2023

FlyPups, based in Pottersville, NJ, transports dogs from desperate situations to no-kill shelters and foster situations where they can be nurtured and prepared for placement in forever homes. FlyPups’ focus on using aircraft to deliver dogs distinguishes the organization’s operations. Often the animals being transported, while safe to travel, have been through circumstances rendering them fragile – and the stresses of a lengthy road trip could further compromise their physical and emotional health. Bringing these dogs safely and efficiently to those prepared to welcome and give them new lives is at the heart of FlyPups’ mission. FlyPups is also honored to collaborate in the transportation of dogs trained to aid U.S. Veterans, partnering with local nonprofits that provide companion and service dogs to soldiers who have bravely served. In addition, FlyPups stands ready to deliver aid and relocate dogs after natural disasters.  Read More