December 6, 2022

When Princeton University and Nasa recognize these two kids – you know something cool is going on!

Meet the Hudicka Family! Joey, Heidi and Mom (Lora) and Dad (Joe). If you asked these two young entrepreneurs what the secret is – that would tell you “Like any Board Game, you just start!”

Their Princeton “Innovation Accelerator Challenge” launched in the “NEW” Princeton Innovation Center Biolab’s. (which is extremely amazing – yes you get a sneak preview)

Joey age 16 and Heidi age 11 are inspired everyday to help other kids their own age understand that you can be anything you dream about and they convey this message through their Board Game “Launch” and “Outta This World”!

Their company is called and in 2018 their mission is to share the opportunity with kids all over the globe and are planning on hosting their “Innovation Accelerator Challenge” in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and  Washington DC!

Meet the Hudicka Family – talk about a fun family who just lives outside of the box! #PrincetonNJ #Entrepreneur #ThinkBig #inspire