September 27, 2022


1748 River Road, Titusville, NJ  EVENT DETAILS

Come out and celebrate the GRAND OPENING of the Education Environment at the Mercer County Wildlife Center. Fun for the whole family!  Kids Activities, Crafts, Food and of course MEET THE ANIMALS!

WHO IS THE WILDLIFE CENTER FRIENDS? They are a community of people who recognize that the abundant wildlife inhabiting Mercer County and the region is a treasure that makes this an extraordinary place to live, to work and call home. ALL of their resources focus on providing Mercer County Wildlife Center with financial means, supplies and resources to allow them to do what they do best and that is SAVE THE WILDLIFE in the Region and get them safely back to mother nature where they belong.

MEET THE ANIMALS – This new facility will allow students, families and friends to visit with the educational animals and learn things that most of us take for granted.

FUN FACTS – When they rescue an animal they keep them in their habitat – when they leave they are not humanized and can be safely released back to their home with mother nature.

Mercer County Wildlife Center receives 16,000 phone calls a year and they only take 2,000 animals! So it’s important to call first because sometime you can save the animal yourself!

LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT DIANA NICKERSON and her team does to save our New Jersey Wildlife!