March 26, 2023

SHIPWRECKS GALORE –  Buzzing around Beach Haven, LBI – we literally stumbled across this place called the New Jersey Maritime Museum!

Having ZERO knowledge about Maritime Museums – figured we Buzz on in and check it out!  IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE we didn’t want to leave!  I LOVE SHIPWRECKS – Pirates and Treasures and apparently in New Jersey there was a lot of that going on over the years!   So we interviewed the crew at the Maritime Museum – HERE THEY ARE… Listen to Sabrina, Michael and Deb’s interviews!

MEET SABRINA – We were greeted by Sabrina.  She started at the Museum as a volunteer when she was in the 8th grade and has been with the Museum for 7 years!  HEY MOM AND DAD you have to check out their kid’s program – it is awesome!  Art, shipwrecks, pirates, treasures and they learn how to clam!  Support Local History share this post

MEET MICHAEL –  Michael – he knows everything about shipwrecks in New Jersey and he actually was part of the 1996 Team of divers that tried to recover parts of the Titanic!  His passion for the NJ History of shipwrecks reflects in his awesome Tour!  I learned more than I could retain – Guess I have to Go Back!   Support Local History share this post

MEET DEB – Deborah Whitcraft, founder and curator of NJ Maritime Museum and IS ALSO in the Women Divers Hall of Fame – is very humble about the FACT that she has  collected over 50,000 shipwreck artifacts over the years – so what do you do with that?  Naturally you open a Museum and IT IS the ONLY Museum of its kind in New Jersey.  Support Local History share this post