May 28, 2023

Updated September 15, 2022 The Battle to Prevent Warehouses – Now from taking over land that is zone for Agriculture continues! Join the fight against warehouses on Tuesday, September 20th at Chesterfield Twp Municipal Building at 7pm to support the Old York Country Club of Chesterfield from becoming another 1.3 Million Square Ft. Warehouse Facility –

LAST I CHECKED WE ARE the Garden State and Not A Warehouse State – as Senator Sweeney so eloquently put it.

OUR ONLY HOME – Last I checked; Earth is the only planet we have as an option to live on. (if you know something different send me an email and we will do a story)

PERFECT EXAMPLES – Look at Newark, NJ… Cranbury, NJ and ask yourself if that is what you want for your community.

Central New Jersey is the new hub for warehouse development.  What people need to understand are the facts – not the promises, but what is happening in other Townships… Promise vs. Facts.

GREEN ($) DOESN’T KEEP IT GREEN – Adults who are hungry for Money are TRULY THE motivational factor in destroying our greenspace, the farmland, and the quality of the Air we breathe, and the life we live. 

BEST INTENTIONS:  In my opinion, if their intentions are the best for our communities, they would not be destroying Millions of Square Feet OF precious land for cement!  Perhaps they know something that we do not know about the evolution of living on Mars.

WAKE UP PEOPLE YOUR COMMUNITY DEPENDS ON IT!  Every Township has meetings and if you do not pay attention – you just might wake up with a warehouse as your neighbor. 

Meet Brett Anderson, President of www.Save Old .  They are doing the homework for you and providing as much knowledge as they can to allow you the opportunity to decide.  Whether you decide it is for you or not – Pay attention and do your homework before it’s too late to have your voice be heard.

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