May 28, 2023

It begins the celebrations of Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary on the official grounds in Bethel, NY.  If you are heading up to enjoy the Festivities, we recommend adding to your List of Things To Explore  

MEET Stacey Cohen, Catskill Entrepreneur and Owner of Stray Cat Gallery, Dancing Cat Saloon and Catskill Distilling Company located off Hwy 17 in Bethel, NY and literally right around the corner from the original site of Woodstock.   She is a full of awesome energy and has the Woodstock Stories of not just her experience of Woodstock… Yup she was there…  at the impressionable age of 11 with her parents (of course) her Journey and successes in her life (to date) reflect greatly around the era and her entrepreneur spirit!  The Gallery has lots of memorbilia of the era and the Dancing Cat Saloon across the street is a great place to eat, listen to music and chill.

Stop by when you venture up to explore the Memories of The Woodstock Festival and Say Hi!  2032 State Route 17B, Bethel, NY 12720

Check Out her interview on the distillery

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