April 1, 2023

As our lives become topsy turvy – we can and must make changes to preserve our sanity!  But were to begin is the question.

Working from home has its challenges and if boundaries are not identified it does not make for a productive day in a normal entrepreneurial environment.

THEN ADD TO IT – Your entire family is working, schooling and living at home.  Some would call it chaotic and other call it a learning curve and both are correct.


We spoke with Meg Hanington and Genevieve Thayer, co-founders of Beacon Partners.  Their day to day is built around helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow and improve their business; through consulting and coaching to overcome these very challenges.

Lots of great tips and mindset suggestions were discussed.  We hope you learn something new and this content is helpful to get you through these trying times.

Please share this information to not only support a local business, but it may very well help a family manage their home until things are back to normal.